Product Photography

Pickerings Gin product photography

This has been a busy couple of  weeks shooting, amongst other things, the promotion and product shots for Pickerings Gin. Edinburgh’s 1st gin distillery in over 150 years has been set up at Summerhall by Marcus Pickering and Matt Gammell.  Marcus and Matt, aptly naming themselves the “two royal dicky birds” are producing small batches of handcrafted, beautifully balanced, marvellously mixed Pickerings Gin.

The gin’s mix of soft citrus and coriander botanicals and a crisp, dry finish can even be bought on tap at the Royal Dick, Summerhall only 23 metres from the distillery and 30 metres from my studio!

It’s been great working with Dave and the fine people at Story Design Agency.  I had a good day in the distillery with Marcus and Matt shooting all the copper.  You can go and see for yourself as the distillery is open for visitors by contacting Summerhall in advance.  I must say I enjoyed a few at the opening event last Thursday.  I’m looking forward to shooting the signature cocktails in the next couple of weeks, I’ll post more images when I shoot them.


Pickerings Gin Product Photography by Peter Dibdin at Summerhall

Pickerings Gin Product Photography by Peter Dibdin at Summerhall