Let your smile shine

Suki (c) Peter Dibin

Learning to smile.

Today is World Smile Day. As a portrait photographer, I spend a lot of my time studying people’s faces and their smiles. Sometimes I want people to smile in my photos and sometimes I don’t. It all depends on what I am trying to capture. But in this age of selfies, and cameras on mobile phones, I’ve noticed the decline of the smile and the rise of the pout.

New galleries at the National Museum of Scotland

One of the brilliant things about being a photographer is that often I am one of the very first people to see a product, an exhibition or a show, before the public. This was the case at the beginning of July, when the National Museum of Scotland asked me to shoot their ten new galleries of Art, Design, Fashion, Science and Technology. I’m a big fan of the museum and I’ve followed their incredible transformation in recent years, so I was delighted to have the honour of being the very first person to capture the latest stage of their development.

Learning about communications

Learning about communications in the Science and Technology galleries


Summerhall Exhibitions Spring 2014

I’ve just started to document the Summerhall Exhibitions and wanted to quickly add a couple of images as if anyone is in Edinburgh before the end of May I can only suggest that you pop along and have a gander.  It feels like I am only posting about Summerhall things at the moment but this is going to change.  Life is busy and there is loads to post about and life is just about to get even busier….  Happy days.

Thomas recharging one of the exhibits at Summerhall, Edinburgh

Thomas recharging one of the exhibits at Summerhall, Edinburgh

Michael Nyman Portrait at Summerhall

Michael Nyman at Summerhall photographed in his exhibition by Peter Dibdin

During the Edinburgh Festival my studio is completely surrounded by over 60 shows a day and over 10 exhibitions that are going on here at Summerhall.  One of the most interesting shows that is on and is coming down this Friday is Michael Nyman’s Man with a movie camera.  Its not only his score used for  the original film but also his own movie.  Well worth a look if you are about.