Let The Right One In

Amy Lawn, Jennifer Mackenzie and Campbell Kinnaird are members of the Glasgow Vampire Live Action Role Play Group.

The group drew back from their characters to tell us about their community. “I’ll take the fangs out because I don’t really have a lisp,” laughs Jennifer. “I was brought into the LARPing community by a friend.” It’s a story shared by all three.

Campbell was introduced to Live Action Role Play by a university friend. He has been involved with Glasgow Vampire LARP for five years and is now running the game. “We meet every month and I enjoy it for meeting like-minded people. There’s a lot of fun to be had in being behind the curtain. It’s great to get feedback from people enjoying the story I’ve been writing.”

“I wanted to get involved in LARP for years but never found one for me”, says Amy. “I was interested in getting into different characters. You can come and be weird for a few hours every month.”

Campbell adds “If you’re new to LARPing as a whole, there’s a lot of fun in diving into something completely different from yourself. It’s escapism.”

“If you’re part of one game you’ll hear about another going on in Britain,” they agree. “There are hundreds, if not thousands of LARPers.”