Last Dream (on Earth)

Last Dream (On Earth)

Amy Anderson and Alasdair Gow. Amy is an Electronics Engineer and Alasdair is a Spacecraft Sales Engineer. They work at Clyde Space in Glasgow which makes small satellites called CubeSats.

“Some days can be spent testing finished products which have been assembled and designed here, just before they go to the customers,” says Amy. “Other days you could be pulling together schematics of a new design that could be developed.”

Alasdair’s day focuses on the customer-facing side of the company. “I talk to customers, I try to understand their technical requirements, and so if they need a satellite that has a pointing capability of 1 degree and needs to point at the Earth with that level of accuracy, I can discuss that with them. I’m in the front line, buffer, between the customers and the engineer team.”

“Clyde Space is quite a small company and we are quite tight knit,” adds Amy. “Recently the kind of community that has developed in my life is on Sunday mornings, when me and a few of the engineers here at work go for a Sunday brunch. Yes, so we have a little brunch community going.”