Art Festival at Jupiter Artland


Art Festival at Jupiter Artland

I’ve been back taking photos of the Edinburgh Art Festival. This time, at one of my favourite venues, Jupiter Artland. I went along to the opening day of their three exhibitions for the festival;

Inside Lunarnova Campout by Pester & Rossi

Inside the Divine Heart Centre by Pester & Rossi

“Divine Heart Centre” by Pester & Rossi, Mario Giordano’s “Self-fulfilling Ego” and “The Rose Walk” by Pablo Bronstein. Although the latter is the only permanent exhibition which will stay at Jupiter Artland after the Art Festival, all three are a great addition to Jupiter Artland’s offer, and as always, it was great to see children interact with the pieces. I took my daughter Suki along, who had a great time getting involved with the crafts and activities for kids.

Seeing the Lunarnova Campout in situ

Seeing the Divine Heart Centre in situ

Suki with her creation

Dancers at Pablo Bronstein's The Rose Walk

Dancers at Pablo Bronstein’s The Rose Walk

It was a long day for some!

cooling off with Marco Giordano's Self-Fulfilling Ego

cooling off with Marco Giordano’s Self-Fulfilling Ego